How Cookies are Used

Cookies are used with some of the content at this website in order to provide services that are optimally suited to the site user.

What Cookies Are

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the user’s computer (or other device with an Internet connection such as a smartphone or tablet computer) when the user visits this site. Using cookies enables us to obtain information such as the number of visits made to the site through your computer, and the pages visited within the site. Information obtained through cookies contains absolutely no personal information that could be used to distinguish individual visitors. Users can disable the cookie function by adjusting their browser’s settings. Disabling cookies will have no negative effect on the use of this site.

Purpose of Use

  1. Improved User Experience
    Cookies are used to provide the user with content for the appropriate country and in the appropriate language, based on the country from which and language in which the site has been previously accessed.
  2. Understanding How the Site Is Used Leads to Improved Service
    Cookies are referenced in order to gain an understanding of the current state of how the services offered at this site are being used. This enables us to improve the services and to provide services suited to the interests and needs of the user.
    • 2-1.
      Google Analytics, a service of Google LLC, is used in order to understand the status of utilization of this website, and to improve services. We also apply the User Properties and Interest Category Report function of Google Analytics in order to provide customers with more appropriate content. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather information on browsing activity (i.e., “user information”) for this website.
    • 2-2.
      User information gathered, recorded and/or analyzed using Google Analytics contains absolutely no information by which specific individuals can be identified. This user information is managed according to the Google LLC Privacy Policy. See the Google Analytics website for an explanation of the Google Analytics Terms of Service. See the Google LLC website for an explanation of the Google Privacy Policy.
      Google Analytics Terms of Service (External link)
      Google Privacy Policy (External link)
    • 2-3.
      Google Analytics can be disabled by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on from the Google website, then adjusting the browser settings.
      Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on(External link)
  3. Ad Distribution
    This website uses the Google Remarketing function to show ads to people when they visit a specified site after they have visited this site. In doing so, we use cookies to determine that person’s browsing history.
    If you would prefer not to be shown ads in this way, please access the page below to disable cookie use.
    Google Ads settings page(external link)

For more information on how the ABeam group handles personal information, how to file a complaint or make inquiries, please see our Privacy Policy.

Last updated: Feb. 15, 2018.